Frequently Asked Questions about the Plant Secretome KnowledgeBase (PlantSecKB)

Who are we?
The Plant Secretome KnowledgeBase (PlantSecKB) was designed by Dr. Xiangjia (Jack) Min, Gengkon Lum and John Meinken at Youngstown State University (YSU). Gengkon and John, MS graduate students, primarily implemeted the database. Jessica Orr and Stephanie Frazier, undergraduates, curated secreted proteins from recent literature. The work was supported by a grant from the Ohio Plant Biotechnoloy Consortium and a grant from the University Research Council, YSU. This server is supported by YSU.

Our motivation
Prediction of plant protein subcellular locations is essential for understanding the functions of proteins. Our focus is on the secreted proteins or collectively called "secretome". We also provide some other subcellular locations predicted using computational tools. Our server is also aimed at collecting curation of protein subcellular locations with experimental evidence in the literature from the plant research community.

Overview of PlantSecKB

Data sources
Access to PlantSecKB

Definition of each category of "sub-proteome"

  • The following criteria were applied for classification of protein subcellular locations:
  • How to cite us
    Lum G, Meinken J, Orr J, Frazier S, Min XJ. (2014) PlantSecKB: the plant secretome and subcellular proteome knowledgebase. Computational Molecular Biology. 4(1):1-17 (doi:10.5376/cmb.2014.04.0001). Our server URL ( can aslo be used as your reference.

  • We would like to suggest the following papers for your references:
  • Comments and suggestions
    Please contact Dr. Min at the YSU Bioinformatics Lab.

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