TargetIdentifier Server

Due to our limited resources, the TargetIdentifier server will only support combined file data size up to 100 Mb from now on. Otherwise please download the standalone tool here .

The TargetIdentifier Server including TargetIdentifier and Annotator is designed for identifying full-length EST cDNAs and functionally annotating EST cDNAs. See more details

Choose program(s):    TargetIdentifier  Annotator

Paste sequences below in FASTA format (support multiple-sequences)

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Use pre-run BLASTX output (BLASTX service on the server is not further supported)

Paste BLASTX output below in BLASTX output format

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[Optional] Paste assembly file (.ace file) generated by Phrap

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[Optional] Paste file generated by LUCY

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E-value in BLASTX 

Download results - Please read the information after submission.


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The TargetIdentifier server (version 2.0) is developed and maintained by Dr. X. (Jack) Min

Created on: August 08, 2003
Last modified on: Dec 18, 2012
The YSU mirror site installed on: May 8, 2009