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Core Faculty and Staff (Department of Chemical and Biolocial Sciences)

The Proteomics/Genomics Research Group (P/GRG) at Youngstown State University (YSU) is an interdisciplinary group of biology and chemistry faculty.

entry wayThe Facilities and Major Equipment in Use

The P/GRG is located on the third floor of Ward Beecher Science Hall (on Lincoln Ave). Four of the research labs are behind the main entrance doors. The bioinformatics lab is next door to this facilities.

The core facilities of the P/GRG contain five laboratories (5560 sq. ft.) with six adjoining faculty offices (985 sq. ft.). In addition, the P/GRG houses dedicated preparatory rooms (650 sq. ft.), a sterile transfer room (72 sq. ft.), an imaging room (120 sq. ft.), a dark room (96 sq. ft.), three student areas (760 sq. ft.), and a conference area (350 sq. ft.). The entire P/GRG core (8593 sq. ft.) is located in a secured wing on the third floor of Ward Beecher Science Hall. An adjacent core equipment room (375 sq. ft.), where a high-speed centrifuge and an ultracentrifuge are located, is readily available to P/GRG investigators.
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The server is administrated by Dr. Min at the Bioinformatics Lab at YSU.